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Smart Iot Alarm Clock



1)  Display time, month and day of the week
2)  You can set the time through the button
3)  The current time can be set through the computer software, configure the wifi password, set multiple moments to play the specified music, music can be stored 200 songs
4)  MIDI music can be set through the host computer.
5)  Can be set through the cell phone to the clock to set the music
6)  Display the current temperature
7)  Can read the local weather forecast from the cloud and broadcast it by voice.
8)  From the cloud can automatically read the current local time, and correct the clock local time
9)  With GPS function, it can correct the time through GPS in the case of no network access.


1) With MP3 playback function
2) With 1W amplifier
3) With voice broadcasting ability
4) With wifi function
5) With GPS external function
6) With NB-IOT function, the clock can directly access the cloud without configuring network parameters
7) With lithium battery charging and discharging management function



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