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Intelligent Closestool

A smart toilet developed for the customer, specialized for patients bedridden use, can provide the bedridden patients with bathing, stool, urine, drying, cleaning, flushing and other functions.

The device includes water temperature sensor, wind temperature sensor, wind heating pad, water heating module, urine detection sensor, stool detection sensor, water pump, water flow rate detection, temperature abnormality contains, lack of water alarm, collection bucket full alarm, collection bucket did not put the alarm, clean water bucket did not put the alarm, color touch LCD display, Bluetooth remote control.

The picture below is the circuit board and interface of the prototype, modified on the basis of the plastic shell of the sample machine provided by the customer. The customer verifies the function and then goes to redesign the shell.

Users can control through the touch screen, can also be controlled through the remote control, but also retained through the cell phone control function interface

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