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X-Ray Metal Detector

Intelligent solution for metal and soil composition analysis: We aim to fulfill your lab and field application needs. This case is customized to use a powerful combination of Android platform and STM32 processor for seamless operation of data acquisition, processing and specialized algorithms.

Product details

For metal and soil composition analysis, this is a case developed for customers.


Android platform combined with stm32 processor development. Realize data acquisition, processing, and run the corresponding algorithm.


Program Highlights


Multi-disciplinary applications


Android platform and STM32 processor


Data Acquisition and Processing


Professional Algorithms

1) Multi-disciplinary applications: our solutions for metal and soil composition analysis can be useful in mining, agriculture, environmental science, and more. No matter which field you work in, we have your back.

2) Android platform and STM32 processor: our systems combine the flexibility of the Android platform with the high performance of the STM32 processor. This combination ensures efficient data acquisition and processing.

3) Data Acquisition and Processing: Our solution makes data acquisition and processing easy, ensuring you get accurate analysis results.

4) Professional Algorithms: Our systems are equipped with professional analysis algorithms that can quickly and accurately analyze the composition of metal and soil samples, providing you with critical data.

Why Choose Us ?

1) Multi-discipline applicability: No matter what your application field is, our solution can meet your needs and provide high-quality compositional analysis data.

2) High performance: The combination of the Android platform and STM32 processor ensures efficient data processing and algorithm operation, giving you faster results.

3) User-friendly: Our easy-to-use system allows you to easily perform data acquisition, processing and analysis without specialized skills.

4) Customized: We can be customized to meet your specific needs for different applications.

If you are looking for a solution that can quickly and accurately analyze metals and soil composition, don't hesitate to choose our products. Contact our sales team for more information and customization options and start a new chapter in compositional analysis together.

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