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High Precision -
Liquid Concentration Meas

In the field of automation instrumentation, we are proud to present a highly accurate optical concentration detector designed to meet your highest requirements.


Our product solution not only achieves superior photocurrent accuracy to the nA level, but also provides intelligent control and reliability to make your application more competitive.

Program Highlights

1) Ultra-high accuracy: our concentration detection instruments achieve nA-level accuracy, ensuring you get concentration measurements you can rely on for the most complex and critical applications.

2) Optical Sensitivity: Utilizing advanced photocurrent technology, our instruments have excellent sensitivity to optical signals, making them suitable for a wide range of optical detection needs.

3) Intelligent control: Our concentration measurement instruments are equipped with an intelligent control system that monitors and automatically adjusts parameters in real time to maintain optimal performance.

4) Multi-disciplinary applications: Whether you work in environmental monitoring, biomedicine, industrial process control or research laboratories, our products can meet your needs.

Advantages Of Us

1) Accuracy & Reliability: Our products are renowned for their superior accuracy and reliability, ensuring that your measurements are always accurate and reliable.

2) Versatility: Whatever your application, our products are versatile and adaptable to a wide range of environments and requirements.

3) Intelligent control: Our intelligent control systems simplify operations and increase efficiency, saving you time and money.

4) Technical Support: Our team provides excellent technical support to ensure you get the most out of our concentration detection instruments.

If you are looking for a concentration detection solution with high accuracy and reliability, don't hesitate to choose one of our products that will open up new possibilities for your application.


Contact our sales team for more information and customization options.

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