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OCR Water Meter Identification Device

The OCR reading recognition instrument prototype developed by the world's top 500 outsourcing companies abroad automatically uploads to the cloud, regularly takes photos, and regularly uploads through 4G. Run continuously for 2 months on a single charge

At our company, we have always been committed to developing innovative technological solutions, one of which is a water meter recognition device based on OCR technology. This device is the product of our years of active exploration and efforts in the field of embedded system design and image processing.

Technical highlights:

1) High-resolution image acquisition: we chose the OV5460 high-resolution camera to ensure the quality and clarity of the water meter image.

2) Data Processing Capability: Our device is equipped with an STM32H743 microcontroller, a microcontroller with excellent data processing capability that makes real-time image processing and OCR character recognition possible.

3) Data transmission capability: By integrating the 4G module of Move Far and Wide, our device is able to quickly and reliably transmit recognition results to a remote server, realizing the convenience of remote monitoring and data management.


4) Long runtime: In order to adapt to different application scenarios, our device is powered by a 4800mAh battery, ensuring continuous operation for a month or more.


5) Technical application: This OCR water meter recognition device represents our technical strength and innovative spirit. It can be used in the field of water management to improve the accuracy and efficiency of water meter readings.


This device has been successfully applied overseas, which proves our capability in technology development and practical application. We are proud to be able to provide high-quality solutions to our customers and to realize the global application of our technology. This OCR water meter recognition device also demonstrates the versatility of our technology in a variety of fields, providing a wide scope for future innovations and applications.

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